Winning the Hardware Software Game Winning the Hardware-Software Game

Using Game Theory to Optimize the Pace of New Technology Adoption

Innovators of new technology systems requiring users to combine components from several different providers (e.g., hardware, software or content, accessories) often face delays in adoption of their new systems. Users will not buy the hardware until enough software or content is available, while at the same time software or content providers will not provide content until enough users have adopted the new system. Winning the Hardware-Software Game examines the dynamics of this adoption process and provides methods for optimizing the pace of adoption of new technology systems.     Read more...


Ruth D. Fisher, PhD, is Principal at Quantaa, an economic consulting firm in Mountain View, CA.

Ms. Fisher is an economist with a passion for understanding how the components of systems work together to create outcomes.

The tools Quantaa uses in our analyses include:

  • Theoretical and Applied Modeling and Problem Solving
  • Game Theory
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Data Analysis

The types of questions we seek to answer include, for example:

  • Is the system creating as much value as it can?
  • How will the system evolve?
  • How can the structure or architecture of the system be changed to induce better outcomes?
  • Will users switch from their old system to this new system?