Winning the Hardware Software Game book Winning the Hardware-Software Game

Using Game Theory to Optimize the Pace of New Technology Adoption

Innovators of new technology systems requiring users to combine both hardware and software components often face delays in adoption of their new systems.  Users will not buy the hardware until enough software or content is available, while at the same time software providers will not provide content until enough users have adopted the new system.  This book examines the dynamics of this adoption process and provides methods for optimizing the pace of adoption of new technology systems.     Read more...


Successful technology ecosystems can provide tremendous value to system users.  The trick for system providers, especially when there are network effects involved, is to extract as much of their value contribution to the ecosystem as possible.

Quantaa helps technology system providers better understand

  • The nature of value creation within their ecosystem, and
  • Methods by which providers can better extract as much of their full system value contribution as possible.