Winning the Hardware Software Game book Winning the Hardware-Software Game

Using Game Theory to Optimize the Pace of New Technology Adoption

Innovators of new technology systems requiring users to combine both hardware and software components often face delays in adoption of their new systems.  Users will not buy the hardware until enough software or content is available, while at the same time software providers will not provide content until enough users have adopted the new system.  This book examines the dynamics of this adoption process and provides methods for optimizing the pace of adoption of new technology systems.     Read more...

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I have always thought about technology as a tool that we develop and improve and customize and adapt to use to help us do whatever it is we want to do faster and easier and better. In other words, we shape and control technology.

However, recently I’ve come to realize that, rather than simply us controlling technology, technology actually shapes and controls us.

Consider the example of clocks. Over time, we have developed and improved and customized and adapted clocks to meet our needs. We have huge clocks in watchtowers and churches that tell time for masses of people. We have wall clocks that tell time for organizations, and grandfather clocks that tell time for households, and watches and alarm clocks that tell time for us personally. And we customize all these clocks and watches to be more functional or more decorative to suit our needs and personalities. Clearly, it must be true that we shape and control clocks and watches.

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Considerations for a Single-Payer Healthcare System in the US

06-07-2017 - Hits:99 - Ruth Fisher - avatar Ruth Fisher

This analysis considers how the US healthcare system would change if we were to transition from the current multi-payer system to a single-payer system. The analysis first presents facts that will be important in considering what a single-payer system might look like. Then, given these facts, the analysis considers specific...

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Playing the Dynamic Pricing Game

06-07-2017 - Hits:66 - Ruth Fisher - avatar Ruth Fisher

Price discrimination may be defined as selling the same thing to different people for different prices. Price discrimination can take many forms, such as volume discounts, price premiums, or market segmentation. Suppliers regularly use many different forms of price discrimination, which people generally don’t object to. Some suppliers use dynamic pricing, a sub-category...

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Playing the Yelp Ratings Game

05-05-2017 - Hits:212 - Ruth Fisher - avatar Ruth Fisher

The Yelp Controversy Yelp is a social media site that hosts information about local businesses and lets customers post ratings and reviews about their experiences with those businesses. Yelp uses a proprietary algorithm to sort through posted reviews and filter out those that might be fake or inauthentic. Reviews that do...

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Description of the Terrorist Screening Game

09-04-2017 - Hits:247 - Ruth Fisher - avatar Ruth Fisher

The Trump Administration's most recent proposal to prevent terrorists from entering the country is to undertake "extreme vetting" in the form of disclosing contacts on their mobile phones, social-media passwords and financial records, and answering probing questions about their ideology. This brings to mind the nature of the more general Terrorist...

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How Do We Conquer Fake News?

01-03-2017 - Hits:391 - Ruth Fisher - avatar Ruth Fisher

“Fake News” has become one of the big afflictions of our times. I just Googled the phrase “fake news,” and it generated 174 million hits. No one seems to know anymore whether or not any reported information is true and/or accurate. This has led people to question the truth of...

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The Future of Jobs

25-02-2017 - Hits:363 - Ruth Fisher - avatar Ruth Fisher

The future of jobs is a serious concern. The most popular opinion I’ve seen is that the answer is more education. Consider, though, that we are in a period in which historically high levels of the population have some amount of postsecondary education. Yet, less than half the population (about 42%)...

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Playing the Trump Import Tax Game

31-01-2017 - Hits:419 - Ruth Fisher - avatar Ruth Fisher

Description of Players Complications for Import Tax Other Issues     One of Donald Trump’s more salient campaign promises was a promise “to bring back jobs to fading steel towns and former manufacturing areas.” To promote the create of more jobs in the US, Trump has proposed •  Tax cuts for the middle class and businesses; • ...

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Changes Over Time in Employment by Firm Size

08-01-2017 - Hits:417 - Ruth Fisher - avatar Ruth Fisher

The BLS provides data on US employment by firm size. These data include information by size class (number of employees) for the following elements: Job Gains Total Expansions Openings Job Losses Total Contractions Closings The US Census provides data on total employment by firm size. This analysis employs these two data sets to analyze how job gains, losses, and total...

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