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About Us

  • Quantaa applies economic modeling and game theory to assess system dynamics.

  • Quantaa helps companies better understand past, present, and future market dynamics and provides them with the information and strategies they need to be able to better compete in today’s complex and swiftly changing marketplaces.

The tools we use in our analyses include:

  • Theoretical and Applied Modeling and Problem Solving

  • Game Theory
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Systems Science
  • Data Analysis

This combination provides an unparalleled ability to understand and analyze dynamic, multifaceted, and complex situations.

The types of questions we seek to answer include, for example:

  • Is your product or service creating as much value for you and your customers as it can?

  • How will employees, customers, or competitiors react to your plan of action?

  • How will the market for your product or service evolve?
  • How can the structure or architecture of the market for your product or service be changed to induce better outcomes for you and your customers?
  • Will users switch from their current product or service and adopt yours?
Ruth Fisher, PhD

Ruth D. Fisher, PhD, is Principal at Quantaa.

Ms. Fisher is an economist with a passion for understanding how components of systems work together to create outcomes.

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