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Consumer Components of Product Value

Written on 09 May 2023

Ruth Fisher, PhD. by Ruth Fisher, PhD

Think about the last time you bought, say, lunch, and how you chose among your available options. You probably thought about the important features, price, convenience, taste, and/or healthiness, and which choice would provide the features you wanted. Maybe you decided on some fast-food joint around the corner – McDonald’s or Taco Bell, that was quick and cheap. Or perhaps you chose a sandwich from the deli in town, where you had to travel a bit and stand in line, but the less-moderately-priced ...

The Health Costs of Moldy Weed

Written on 25 April 2023

Ruth Fisher, PhD. by Ruth Fisher, PhD

What is the value of using cannabis products tested for mold, that is, the avoided healthcare costs associated with not consuming moldy cannabis? We can call this value a “health premium” associated with using tested cannabis. The point of this analysis is that cannabis products sold in licensed markets, which (theoretically) have been tested for mold and found to be mold-free, presumably have a much lower probability of being contaminated with mold than do cannabis products sold in unlicensed ...

Using Group Motivations to Improve Cannabis Industry Outcomes

Written on 14 April 2023

Ruth Fisher, PhD. by Ruth Fisher, PhD

Anyone in cannabis who’s paying attention knows that the industry is seriously dysfunctional for a number of reasons. Some of the more salient ones are: ...

From Legacy to Licensed Cannabis

Written on 18 March 2023

Ruth Fisher, PhD. by Ruth Fisher, PhD

Almost invariably, markets – that is, the voluntary exchange of goods and services between buyers and sellers – will emerge whenever sellers can profitably meet the wants and needs of buyers. Governments can impede the emergence of markets by making exchanges of certain products or services illegal. However, when the wants or needs are strong enough to create sufficiently high profit opportunities, then, regardless of legal status, markets will emerge. So go the markets for cannabis. ...