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Hemp & Cannabis (Marijuana) Domain Expertise & Expert Witness Services

Hemp and cannabis markets are swiftly evolving:

  • New states are legalizing cannabis activity
  • Existing states are modifying laws and regulations, while simultaneously trying to promote safe and effective use of cannabis and also reign in Black Market activity
  • Scientists are finding new applications for cannabis products
  • Technology is being introduced to facilitate the effective and efficient cultivation, processing, and use of cannabis
  • Businesses are entering the market, expanding, contracting as they struggle to survive, merging with other entities
  • As awareness and education proliferate, the cannabis stigma is slowly receding, and consumers are becoming increasingly open to different types of cannabis use.

Civil Torts

  • Breach of Contract
  • Intellectual Property Infringement
  • Antitrust

Damages Calculations

  • Restitution
  • Lost Profits
  • Reasonable Royalty
  • Lost Value of a Going Concern

Industry Evolution

Few industries are as chaotic as cannabis. For market participants to successfully achieve their goals, they must understand how these dynamics affect their activities. Quantaa provides cannabis market domain expertise and expert witness services to help market participants better achieve their goals.

  • Science & Technology
  • Business Competition
  • Consumer Demand
  • Culture & Society