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  • Trends in Cannabis Patents Over Time

    Patent Counts by Year

    I searched the USPTO patent database for all patents for which the patent abstract contained any of the following terms: cannabis, cannabinoid, marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinoid, or cannabinol. My search yielded 914 patents.

    As seen in Figure 1, there were only a handful of cannabis patents each year until the late 1990s. Cannabis patent activity started increasing at a roughly constant annual rate between 2001 and 2010. Patent activity leveled off between 2010 and 2015, then accelerated through to the present.

    Figure 1

    1 mj patent counts

    Patent Counts by Category

    Category Descriptions

    Based on patent descriptions, I assigned each patent to a category and subcategory. I defined the patent categories as follows:

    Delivery: Methods of or compositions for delivering cannabis into the body

    Detect: Methods of detecting cannabinoids in products samples or in people

    Extract: Methods of extracting cannabinoids from plant matter

    Grow: Methods of cultivating cannabis plants

    Package: Methods of packaging cannabis products

    Plant: Plant cultivars

    Pre-Plant: Plant genomics

    Process: Methods of processing cannabis, excluding extraction of cannabinoids from plant matter

    Receptor: Patents addressing cannabinoid receptors: CB1, CB2, agonist, antagonist, ligand

    Smoke: Devices and formulations for smoking cannabis

    Storage: Methods and devices for storing cannabis products

    Synthesis: Methods of synthesizing cannabinoids

    Terpene: Products and methods involving cannabis terpenes

    Track: Software for tracking cannabis cultivation, sales, usage, or trading

    Treatment: Cannabis compositions for the treatment of specific conditions